[68] no title

Forseti : 2022/01/06(Thu) 00:44

OB1641397455901.png (13184 B) PaintTime : 12min 21sec
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no title by Forseti

rkgk and dumb designs

[67] Ss

Doodle : 2022/01/05(Wed) 01:27 [URL]

OB1641313636220.png (18481 B) PaintTime : 4min 30sec
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Ss by Doodle

Just a doodle

[66] A

Hi : 2022/01/04(Tue) 05:31 [URL]

OB1641241863857.png (11210 B) PaintTime : 5min 33sec
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A by Hi


[65] hm

Just a girl : 2022/01/04(Tue) 05:11 [URL]

OB1641240674065.png (120505 B) PaintTime : 6min 30sec
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hm by Just a girl


[64] ==

h : 2022/01/04(Tue) 04:29 [URL]

OB1641238158212.png (14108 B) PaintTime : 12min 57sec
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== by h


[63] hm

y : 2021/12/31(Fri) 09:21

OB1640910104466.png (19009 B) PaintTime : 5min 48sec
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hm by y

no body

[62] sub?

april 12th : 2021/12/31(Fri) 00:46

OB1640879201184.png (64951 B) PaintTime : 16min 26sec
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sub? by april 12th

no body

[60] no title

bruh : 2021/12/26(Sun) 17:38

OB1640507937526.png (19275 B) PaintTime : 4min 13sec
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no title by bruh

no body

[61] Re: no title : satopian : 2021/12/27(Mon) 08:39 [URL]

Welcome to PaintBBS.

[57] Hearts

Chibicat16 : 2022/01/20(Thu) 11:46 *

1642646789936.png (19997 B) PaintTime : 33min 29sec
Hearts by Chibicat16

i really love doing oekaki. and i haven't done so in a year. The hand are facing the wrong direction but i like them.

[58] Re: Hearts : satopian : 2021/12/21(Tue) 18:16 [URL]

Thank you for posting a nice illustration.
Please let your friends know that OEKAKI still exists.

[59] Re: Hearts : Chibicat16 : 2021/12/22(Wed) 01:21

thank you so much.

[55] no title

Mimi : 2021/12/05(Sun) 05:33

OB1638650005933.png (62421 B) PaintTime : 37min 47sec
no title by Mimi

Nibbles from animal crossing
im surprised theres a working oekaki board in 2021 o_O

[56] Re: no title : satopian : 2021/12/05(Sun) 13:25 [URL] *

Thank you for posting the illustration.
The HTML5 version of PaintBBS for the OEKAKI is development by funige.
I do the development and maintenance of the bulletin board.
I released a new version yesterday as well.
Please let your friends know that OEKAKI is still alive.